Jane established the Jane Harriman Hall Award for Outstanding Service to the CAV in 2013.  The award is a $500 cash prize.  The first recipient was Sally Davis; Mark Keith was honored in 2014.

 Jane Hall received her B.A. from Mount Holyoke College in 1952 and her M.A. from the University of Maryland in 1969.  She taught all levels of Latin at Fairfax County’s Fort Hunt High School and for many years was an adjunct professor at the University of Mary Washington. She was Virginia’s Foreign Language Teacher of the Year in 1984 and directed the first Virginia Governor’s Latin Academy in 1988.  She was honored with an Ovatio from the Classical Association of the Middle West and South in 1984, the John F. Latimer Award from the Washington Classical Society in 1996, and a Merita Award from the American Classical League in 2001. 

 In June of 1976 she approached the American Classical League during its annual institute to seek its sponsorship of an exam which would be given nation-wide to high school students of Latin.  After gaining the sponsorship of the ACL, she sought help from five other northern Virginia Latin teachers in establishing, writing, and publishing the exam.

The first National Latin Exam was given nationwide to 7,000 students in March 1978.  The number of test takers has steadily increased each year, and participation of foreign students has made the exam a truly international one.  Under her guidance, the exam itself has also expanded to include more levels of Latin study.  In addition to the initial four exams (Latin I, Latin II, Latin III-IV Prose, and Latin III-IV Poetry), the Introduction to Latin, Latin III, and Latin V-VI exams have been added.

 Jane retired as co-chair of the NLE in 2011.  She lives in White Stone on Virginia’s Northern Neck with her husband David.  She enjoys crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, playing bridge, and opera.


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