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LATN 205W INTERMEDIATE LATIN I – MEDICAL [Writing Enriched] Prerequisite: LATN 102W or placement test. This special section of Intermediate Latin focuses on medical and health-related terminology, contexts, and situations. The course offers practice of the same grammatical concepts and linguistic functions as in all other sections of Intermediate Latin, but the vocabulary and readings are taken from sources for an introduction to the history of medicine from which terms in present-day use developed. Readings include primary sources in Latin from anatomy and physiology, diseases and their treatments, and pharmacology. In this course, students planning for careers in health sciences should be better able to use and comprehend technical terms, many of which derive from Latin. This course will bring students to the novice high/intermediate low reading comprehension level (ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines). 

See the example syllabus here.

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  1. Offered on M & W 7-8:15 P.M.
    Online Synchronous

    If interested, contact the professor or
    Susan Hogg
    Director of Admissions
    University of Lynchburg
    434 544-8305 or 434 509-7408

  2. Salvete!

    We also offer Elementary Latin I and II with Medical Terminology at the University of Lynchburg. In these courses students learn Latin together with terms from anatomy and their etymology. Weekly discussion questions invite explorations of connections and contrasts between ancient and modern medical practices.

    Spring 2022: Elementary Latin II with Medical Terminology explores both anatomical terms and problems in mythology and medicine, such as the birth of Asclepius, god of medicine, rescued from Coronis’ womb. Offered online synchronous TR 7-8:15, also with dual enrollment for HS students.

    Instructor: Dr. Elza C. Tiner, University of Lynchburg,
    For applications contact Susan Hogg, Director of Admissions at theUniversity of Lynchburg, or 434 544-8305

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