The Classical Association of Virginia is pleased to offer this scholarship for Latin students thanks to a generous gift from Wayne W. Wray. This $500.00 scholarship will be awarded to the student who most exemplifies the principle on which our organization was founded almost a century ago: a love of and the promotion of the classics.

Any CAV member may nominate any student who is taking or has completed three or more years of Latin (wherever that may fall – 10th, 11th, or 12th grade). Should a sophomore or junior be selected, the scholarship will be held for disbursement until his/her senior year.

 The committee will keep materials for underclass nominees but does ask that teachers update and renew their information and approval.

There may be more than one nominee per school. This scholarship is not based on financial need. CAV is looking for a student who is passionate about Latin and has demonstrated enthusiasm on every level: in his daily classroom work, participation in club activities, and promotion of Latin within his school and/or community. While participation in CAV (and other) contests is preferred, the primary focus of this scholarship remains the student’s ability to “spread the word” about classics and encourage others to study Latin.

The name of the recipient will be announced at the Spring CAV meeting.

Send nominations to:

Donald Brewster

4 Woodberry Station

Woodberry Forest, VA 22989