Randolph College offers online Ancient Greek in two ways:
— two summer five-week, 4-credit classes, Greek 1101 and Greek 1102, at an intensive pace
— an option where that same material, totaling 8 credits, is available year-round as 8 sequential modules. Each module is a separate course, and you sign up for the modules/courses you plan to complete in each session. The first four 1-credit courses are equivalent to Greek 1101, and the second four are exquivalent to Greek 1102. They’re all available all sessions, and you can decide how many and when you want to take them, as long as you take them in order. Here’s a little video to explain:

“Regular” speed would be two modules in a session—that’s the pace that would get you through all of beginning Greek in an academic year if you start at the beginning of fall. But students successfully work faster and slower to accommodate their other obligations and priorities. Our sessions start in May, July, August, October, January, and March.

The courses are mostly asynchronous, and we plan the synchronous meetings around students’ schedule, including evening times.

More information at or email Amy R. Cohen.

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