The 2024 University of Virginia Summer Language Institute’s Latin program will be held in person this summer in Charlottesville, VA from June 17th-August 9th!

-The program is intensive and immersive, covering the first two years of Latin language study in eight weeks (Beginning through Intermediate, or 1016, 1026, 2016 and 2026 at UVA).

-college undergraduates, high school students, graduate students, professionals and anyone else interested in achieving rapid progress in Latin or strengthening their Latin is encouraged to apply!
-The first half of the program will instruct students in Latin grammar and vocabulary using Wheelock’s Latin, and the second half will introduce students to reading Latin literature with selections from famous and influential works of both prose and poetry by authors such as Cicero, Ovid, and Vergil in original Latin..
-Students who have completed a first year of Latin at the college level or who place into the intermediate level via a diagnostic exam (administered through the Classics department) are eligible to take only the second half of the program (4 weeks).
-By the end of the full program you will be able to read Latin on your own with the aid of a dictionary, and you will have the knowledge and ability to succeed in advanced courses in Latin.  

For more detailed information on fees, housing, the daily schedule and how to apply please visit:

For any other questions please email the Director for the 2024 Latin SLI, Camilla Basile, at


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